Herbs for Acne

Acne is usually caused by sebaceous glands at the base of the hair follicles of the skin that secretes too much sebum. When too much sebum is produced, it gets clogged up and can form hard plugs that block the pores and produce pimples.

A general cause of an overproduction of sebum would be hormonal imbalances. This is common in adolescence, especially in males.
In females, menstrual periods or pregnancy can also create hormonal imbalances that can lead to outbreaks.
Other common triggers that can occur in every individual include emotional stress and irritation to the skin. In addition, if certain medications are taken, in particular, steroids, contraceptives or any drugs that affect hormone levels, it can also lead to outbreaks.

The other common cause of outbreaks is the result of a lethargic liver. The liver cannot clear excess hormones if it is not functioning optimally. If you are trying to clear your acne, it is important to balance your hormones and cleanse the liver.

Acne can also be brought on or aggravated by certain foods or food allergies as well. We will outline some useful herbs here for you to consider.


Aloe Gel
It has astringent and antibacterial properties and is applied topically.

Tea Tree Oil
It is a powerful antiseptic but must be diluted before applying to skin.

Walnut Leaf
A useful astringent skin wash.

This promotes healing of the skin tissue. It can be used as facial wash.

Compresses are used to relieve inflammation.

Witch Hazel
This has antibacterial and astringent properties.

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